Wild Crete

Traditional Cuisine, Aromatic Herbs and the Culture of Crete

surrounded by the light, color &
 fragrance of spring

on the Greek island of Crete

  •                      Herbs, Wildflowers and
                   the Traditional Cuisine of Crete

A Plant’s Lover’s Trip to Greece

with Patricia Kyritsi Howell and Robinette Kennedy

April 18 to 26, 2015

Our 2015 tour merges cooking, foraging, feasting, herbalism, archaeology, history and culture into a sensual experience of spring on the Greek island of Crete. Drawing on our large network of local friends and colleagues, you will discover a side of Crete that few visitors ever see.


The first five days of this trip are in a small highland village surrounded by 8,000 foot mountains. There you’ll experience traditional cuisine from the ground up: foraging wild foods such as Crete's many spring greens (horta), visiting local farmers and gardeners, baking bread in wood ovens, jostling your way through a lively weekday vegetable market, and savoring the specialties of home cooks and chefs.

During hands-on cooking lessons, shared meals
and one-
to-one conversations, youll hear the
and myths behind the dishes and their
wild ingredients you'll enjoy, and you'll have a
chance to collect recipes.

On hikes you'll learn about the many medicinal and culinary herbs that thrive here and their uses now and in the past.

Then you'll travel to the bustling capital of Crete, the site of one of the most magnificent archaeological museums in the world. Your base is a boutique hotel overlooking the Sea of Crete. On private tours led by our archaeological guides, you’ll explore 10,000 years of Crete’s past with tours of the temple of Knossos and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. You'll discover the urban side of Crete’s traditional cuisine on a walking gastronomy tour of artisanal shops and markets that feature regional cheeses, aromatic herbs, spices and wine.


Other tour activities:

Feast on traditional dishes prepared by home cooks and chefs just for our group

Hike to ecologically distinct sites to learn about Crete’s unique botany

Forage and cook with greens, truffles and other wild ingredients

Hands-on cooking lessons and demonstrations

Early morning tour of a lively weekly farmers market

Tour small farms and meet the growers

Visit an essential oil distillery specializing in native herbs

Tour archaeological sites and museums with professional guides

Plenty of free time for exploring, resting and shopping


About Wild Crete Travel

Wild Crete Travel is a small tour company that has offered custom and specialized tours on Crete since 1997. Your tour leaders are co-owners Patricia Kyritsi Howell and Robinette Kennedy. Both have deep roots on the island and have spent part of the year here for many years.

 Our unique approach to travel introduces guests to our network of friends and colleagues who share our interest in sustainability, traditional cuisine, organic agriculture, medicinal herbs and the importance of savoring life through the senses.

We pride ourselves on finding the perfect balance between planned activities and time to enjoy being surrounded the beauty of the land.

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