Planning a Trip to Crete?

Let us help you find the essence of Crete by creating a custom itinerary just for you. Drawing on our extensive circle of colleagues, we can arrange guides, lodging, transportation and tips for finding the best food on the island.

We also offer custom tours to other parts of Greece.

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Robinette Kennedy, PhD, is a Clinical Anthropologist with a profound understanding of Greek culture and tradition. She has lived and conducted research on Crete off and on since 1975, including a year spent as the first non-Greek person to live in the remote mountain village where she documented the powerful role of women’s friendships in a traditional culture. (Gender and Power in Rural Greece, Jill Dubisch, Ed.; Princeton University Press; 1986.) 

Her book in progress, Sacred Poses from Prehistoric Crete, brings to life a ritual practice embodied by figurines found in cemeteries, outdoor sanctuaries and sacred caves. Visit Robinette's website or send her an e-mail.   

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Praise from our Guests

There are no other trips like this…every aspect of the planning, the exquisite attention to detail, the food and each day's schedule was a work of art. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.                                     Margaret Merrill                                  Former Travel Committee Vice-President,                                Garden Club of America

What a great gift to be a part of village life, in the midst of your network of friends and colleagues, experiencing real food, real culture, and real history…I’ll never use the word “vacation” the same way!                                                                       Susan Wynn, Georgia

​ It’s all so wonderful! I have truly deeply relaxed for the first time in over three years. Thank you for all your attention to detail.                                                           Kimber Schnepf, Minnesota

Every person we met, every meal we enjoyed, and every piece of history you shared created an incredibly rich experience. You’ve created a phenomenal trip that no one could do on their own.                                 Karen Manuel, Virginia

Though I have visited Greece many times in the past 50 years, this tour  deepened my knowledge about and my feeling for Greece in way I never expected.
I will never be the same.                                       Ocoee Miller, Kansas

Totally unique, exquisitely orchestrated and beautifully flexible.   
                                       Linda Gooding, Georgia

About  Patricia Kyritsi Howell

Patricia Kyritsi Howell, Registered Herbalist (AHG), is a Greek American who inherited her family's appreciation for the importance of simple food cooked with love. Her great grandmother was born on Crete (in Sfakia) and her family ancestral family home is on an island 50 miles north of Crete.  Her father and grandfather were both accomplished chefs. Patricia regularly teaches classes about Cretan cuisine, the Mediterranean diet and wild foods. 

She is a medical herbalist, author of Medicinal Plants of the Southern Appalachians (2006) and director of the BotanoLogos School for Herbal Studies in the mountains of north Georgia (USA). Visit Patricia's website or send her an e-mail.

Wild Crete Travel is a small tour company with 18 years of experience hosting custom tours on Crete. 

Co-owners Patricia Kyritsi Howell and Robinette Kennedy pride themselves on creating a travel experience for their guests that gives them an authentic experience of the land, cuisine, people, and history.

​   Patricia Kyritsi Howell & Robinette Kennedy  Co-owners of Wild Crete Travel, LLC

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Wild Crete Travel