Athens Walking Tour with Gemma Economopolou 

April 12 to 14, 2018

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The tour begins at 9:00 a.m. when the group meets Gemma in the lobby. You’ll walk together to the nearest metro station, which is also a small museum. When the Athens metro system was expanded for the 2004 Olympics, many artifacts were discovered at the site of the new stations. Some of these stations now feature well-curated museums displaying objects found in the area. On your way to the Acropolis, you will visit two of these metro station museums.

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The Essence of Athens Walking Tour: Wednesday to Friday, April 12 to 15, 2018


No visit to Greece is complete without seeing the stunning archaeological treasures of Athens. We’ve arranged a brief, but well-organized, tour of Athens for members of our group. Whether you are visiting Athens for the first time, or have seen the city before, we guarantee that our ‘thinking person’s’ tour combines elements of history, culture and art that few visitors experience on their own.

On this tour, our friend and colleague, Gemma Economopoulou, is your private guide.  A licensed archaeological guide  (English speaking) and life-long resident of Athens, Gemma has a wonderful ability to give you a sense of the city as it was thousands of years ago, as she introduces you to the unique social and cultural identity of Greece as it manifests in Athens today.

You’ll visit places where Athenians loved to spend time in the past—the ancient agora (public square), the Roman forum, the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and more—while learning how Greek culture and philosophy developed, and has shaped the Western world.

Lodging is in a 4-star hotel in the heart of Athens’ historical district, within walking distance of shops and restaurants that feature the best this cosmopolitan city has to offer. Each day’s activities begin and end in your hotel lobby. The tours end mid-afternoon, allowing time to explore on your own, or relax at the hotel that features a café, 24-hour room service and Wi-Fi.

The Essence of Athens Itinerary

Wednesday April 11: Depart the US on an overnight flight, arriving in Athens the next day (April 12).

Thursday April 12: Arrive in Athens and take a taxi to your hotel. Spend the day on your own, resting from your flight or exploring nearby shops and restaurants.

Friday April 13: The Acropolis, Parthenon and Acropolis Museum

At the Acropolis, Gemma points out the unique architecture highlights and gives you insights into the rich history of Greece’s most famous archaeological site. 

From there, you’ll cross the street to the Acropolis Museum to view a collection that includes exhibits about the private lives of ancient Athenians and some of the original decorative works from the Acropolis, but primarily those from the Parthenon. 

The people of Greece are very proud of this museum, and rightly so. It’s impressive not only because of the archaeological wealth it houses, but also because of its modern architectural design and form. The walls of the museum are all glass, so that while viewing exhibits, you’re surrounded by sweeping views of the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the entire skyline of Athens.

 After leaving the museum, enjoy lunch at a nearby café. From there, the tour continues on to the Arch of Hadrian, the Temple of Zeus and the Pan Athenian Stadium where the first modern Olympics were held in 1896. Your walk continues through the National Garden. This park consists of almost 38 acres in the center of Athens. An oasis of garden paths, statuary, trees and flowers; it is a fitting end to a day of sight seeing. 

From here you’ll walk past the Greek Parliament building and cross Syntagma Square, one of the most important places in Greece, both politically and socially, and arrive back at your hotel around 4:00 p.m. Note that Syntagma Square, located just a half block from your hotel, is great place to have a coffee and people watch!

Saturday April 14: The Ancient Agora of Athens and the National Archaeological Museum

Meet Gemma and the rest of the group in the hotel lobby at 9:00 a.m. to walk to Monastiraki Square. Since the 6th century BCE the Ancient Agora or marketplace of Athens, has been an important center of Athenian life; it is now one of the liveliest shopping areas in the city. 

From the Agora, you’ll take the metro to the National Archaeological Museum. Considered one of the world’s great museums, you will find a stunning collection of artifacts from prehistory to late antiquity. Gemma will guide you through the extensive exhibits while putting everything into an historical context and referencing the places you’ve visited on your tour of the city.  

From the Museum, you’ll take a short metro ride back to Monastiraki Square, the neighborhood near the Agora, for lunch. After lunch, return to your hotel with Gemma, or stay in Monastiraki to explore the shops and return the hotel later on your own.

Athens Tour Price: € 599.00*


  • Three nights double occupancy lodging in a 4 star hotel centrally located in Athens. Hotel amenities include a breakfast buffet (included with room rate), and amenities (24-hour room service, Wi-Fi, laundry service and a café serving traditional dishes). Single supplement rooms are available, contact us for price.
  • Two days personally guided walking tour of Athens with Gemma Economopolou (as described above).

Not included:

  • Taxi to and from the airport: approximately €40-50 each way
  • Museum tickets: €45 (total)
  • Metro fare: €2,40 (total)
  • Meals (except breakfast, which is provided at your hotel): Approximately €20-30 per meal
  • Airfare to and from Athens

*Please Note: The price for the Athens tour is subject to change. The price quoted here is the maximum cost for the tour. If the group includes more than four people, the cost per person will be less. We'll let you know the final cost by late January 2018.

To register for the Athens Walking Tour, mark "Athens Tour" on your Crete tour REGISTRATION FORM, though you do not need to be part of the Crete tour to join us for the Athens Walking Tour. A deposit of €100 is requested to reserve your place. 
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