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Bioaroma Essential Oil Distillery

For over 4,500 years, Crete has been recognized as a botanical paradise with an abundance of aromatic healing herbs. The Minoans were the first to produce herbal creams, ointments, oils and healing remedies that were widely used and even exported to other countries around the Mediterranean.  

Bioaroma Herb Distillery is keeping that ancient tradition alive today as they gather wild herbs and produce essential oils using state of the art technology. Inspired by Crete’s history and a desire to reclaim his heritage, Stakis Pediatis, chemist and owner of Bioaroma, has developed 100% natural herbal cosmetics that combines his own research, information found in Cretan archaeological sites, and recipes that have been past down from generation to generation. Their aim is to take the bounty from the earth we cultivate, together with the traditions to our past and offer a handmade product with the distinct identity. 

Using natural raw materials and an abundance of the organic herbs found in the wild, including olive oil, beeswax, sage, dittany, labdanum gum and others, Bioaroma has created a range of products that offer a holistic approach to overall wellness.

Our 2020 tour includes a visit to Bioaroma for personal tour of the facility, the herb garden and their delightful museum showing many of the uses of herbs and essential oils from Crete’s history.  

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