Our Spring Adventure 2020 tour weaves cooking, foraging, feasting, herbalism, archaeology, history and culture together to give you a sensual experience of spring on the Greek island of Crete. Drawing on our many years living on and visiting Crete, and our relationships with friends and colleagues who share our passions, you’ll discover a side of Crete that few visitors ever know about.

Our tour begins in one of the oldest villages on Crete, overlooking the Sea of Mirabello. Here you’ll experience life in a village known for it’s traditional needlework. Each day we’ll explore this part of Crete with an excursion to a herb farm to learn about local herbs, a guided tour to a botanical museum, a hike along an ancient stone roadway built by the Minoans and lined with spring wildflowers and a tour of an essential oil distillery.

From here we travel to a small highland village surrounded by 8,000-foot mountains. There you’ll learn about traditional cuisine from the ground up: foraging wild foods such as Crete's many spring greens (horta), visiting with local farmers and gardeners, learning to make cheese, pies and other traditional dishes and visiting one of the most dramatic caves in all of Europe.

Throughout the tour, during hands-on cooking lessons, shared meals and one-to-one conversations, you’ll hear the stories, history and myths associated with the dishes you’ll enjoy. On hikes you'll learn about the many medicinal and culinary herbs that have been used for thousands of years, and continue to be some of the most important herbal remedies today. 

From the mountains we'll travel to the bustling capital of Crete, where we’ll stay at a boutique hotel with all the amenities overlooking the Sea of Crete. On private tours led by our archaeological guides, you’ll explore 10,000 years of Crete’s past with visits to the temple of Knossos and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, one of the world's greatest museums.

We'll devote an afternoon to savoring innovative Greek wines with a private wine tasting and lunch at a family owned winery that has cultivated grapes for generations.

And you'll experience the urban side of Crete with time to explore the shops, cafés and side streets. Here we'll savor modern interpretations of traditional dishes prepared by up and coming Greek chefs at local restaurants. 

Other tour activities:

  • Feast on traditional dishes prepared for us by home cooks and chefs
  • Wildflower hikes 
  • Forage for wild greens, truffles (if we are lucky!) and other seasonal ingredients
  • Hands-on cooking lessons and demonstrations
  • Tastings of Greek wines, olive oil and honey
  • Visit organic herb farms and essential oil distilleries
  • Tour archaeological sites and museums with private guides
  • Plenty of free time for exploring, shopping and relaxing 

See the full itinerary. ​

​​Spring Adventure 2020

Herbs, Wildflowers and the Traditional Cuisine of Crete

April 24 to May 4, 2020

Wild Crete Travel