Wild Crete Travel

Spring Adventure 2018:
Herbs, Wildflowers and the Traditional Cuisine of Crete

       How to Register for Spring Adventure 2018

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SEND US YOUR REGISTRATION Access the REGISTRATION FORMS here. Print your completed forms and mail them to us, along with your $500 deposit (made payable to Wild Crete Travel LLC), and a black & white copy of the first page of your passport. Our postal mailing address is:

Wild Crete Travel, PO Box W, Mountain City, GA 30562-0917.

(Yes, that is Box W. We have a very small post office!)

REVIEW OUR CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY Access this important information here before you send us your deposit.

SHOP FOR AIRLINE TICKETS Unless you are flying to Crete from another European city, you will fly from North America to Athens, Greece, and then take a second flight from Athens to Crete. Your destination on Crete is the Nikos Kazantzakis Airport, Heraklion, Crete (Airport code: HER). See Tour Details for more information about planning your travel to Crete.

TRAVEL INSURANCE We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance before booking your flight and sending us your final payment. Here is a link to a site with information about travel insurance.

FINAL PAYMENT We’ll be in touch mid January to confirm your balance due based on the exchange rates at that time. Your final payment is due on February 1, 2018.

MORE DETAILS Once we receive your deposit we’ll be in touch with more information about how to prepare for your adventure, including recommended reading, a packing list and some helpful cultural insights.

EXTENDING YOUR STAY In addition to the Crete tour, we are also offering an optional visit to Athens to give you an even richer experience of all that Greece has to offer, learn more about our guided Walking Tour of Athens.

QUESTIONS? Send us an email or call (001) 706-490-3904.